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Arena Ethnobotanicals is an organic salvia supplier. They use a salvia leaf of the Blosser Strain. The company reports that they use No farming, No hormones and No pesticides. They emphasize their natural process making arena salvia extracts and plants that are high quality and organic. They offer raw salvia leaf, extracts ranging from 5x to 50x, tinctures and live plants. They also offer a variety of other ethnobotanicals and some paraphernalia.

Arena Ethnobotanicals recently won the honor of first place in the Live Salvia Plants category of Salvia Prices personal salvia supplier evaluation. What makes Arena unique and stand out from other salvia plant suppliers is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

“Two Plants were ordered, which are actually very well-rooted cuttings, as is said on the description of the store for something similar to 75.00, plus 3.00 for a heat pack. The best part: the heating pack was huge and still warm, and the plants were each at least 6 inches tall each, well branched, and had full-sized leaves on them. They had roots that were beginning to escape the bottom of the pots! I harvested some of the large leaves, and pinched to promote adequate branching. They were GORGEOUS, not wilted in the slightest, no brown marks or damage. Overall, it was a truly exceptional experience, and have no problem endorsing their site, given their customer service and quick turnaround alone.  I hope people looking for a reliable ordering site find this arena ethnobotanicals review helpful.”

As the Arena website says, the plants are well rooted in 4 inch pots, standing around 5-9 inches tall with well established roots growing out the bottom of the pot. Our salvia plants are over 1 month old. To Simply call them “rooted cuttings” would be an insult! If it’s too cold (below 35°F) your Salvia Divinorum plant can be shipped with a heat pack for $2.99.


mildly pricy transaction, at just over $37 per plant. You could say it was worth it for quality plants like that.


I have already disposed of the heat pack they sent, it was the size of a package of unpopped microwave popcorn and was the sort that uses iron powder that interacts with the air to create heat as it oxidizes. It was likely a longer-duration version of this:

Arena Ethnobotanicals Review
This plant does look healthy, and this photo is post-pruning! Many of the mature leaves (2 and 1/2 inch or bigger!) were pruned off and some growing tips were also pinched to help the plant branch out.

They also arrived fairly well acclimatized, so they didn’t require much in the way of special treatment.

5 leaves pruned off, tips pinched to promote bushy growth.
Height at tallest node: 6.4 inches.
Approximate number of appreciable leaves: 25-30.
Number of nodes with nodal leaf growth: ~6-7.
Longest leaf length: 2.8″, pruned off.
Longest remaining healthy leaf: 2.5″.
Internode length: 1-2″.
Overall health: rich primary green, slight browning at top cut internodes (where other cutting was likely made by seller from mother).
Open bagged, to provide extra humidity and light burn protection. Placed on seedling growth mat for bottom heat, set to 78′F.

Strength Packages Cost Cost / Gram
Leaf 1oz $29.99 $29.99
5x 1g, 3g, 10g $18.99 – $69.99 $6.99 – 18.99
10x 1g, 3g, 10g $27.99 – $119.99 $11.99 – $27.99
15x 1g, 3g, 10g $32.99 – $169.99 $16.99 – $32.99
20x 1g, 3g, 10g $39.99 – $199.99 $19.99 – $39.99
35x 1g, 3g, 10g $55.99 – $349.99 $34.99 – $55.99
50x 1g, 3g, 10g $64.99 – $414.99 $41.49 – $64.99
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